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Making the mobile web easy.

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Pico is a stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS. with ionic injection so you can build desktop web and mobile web with this project, free and open source code so you can download it now.
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Welcome to piconic

Build modern mobile website with pico cms and ionic

Welcome to Piconic

This is a source code for pico cms with ionic , built your mobile website and website just easy and fast with piconic.

Mobile modern website template for pico cms. a modern new generation flatfile cms with pico, same like jekyll, eleventy , gatsby js pico is support with markdown. no need database installation no admin backend this cms is powerfull for built fast website with SEO injection, so lets get started now !!

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For first you need to download source code, or you can download piconic template themes if you need to change template for pico cms.

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We have upload this source code on two version

  • template only is a template for piconic, this source code must work with pico cms, so if you have installation pico cms on your website you can download this sourcecode
  • piconic full set web app is a full source code with pico cms , this source code is a full sett like pico admin , pico cms automaticly with piconic template.

more information detail read installation guide →

Piconic built with Pico Ionic made with 💘 by axcora.