PHP Native CMS

PHP Native CMS

A new generation of PHP content management system no databased

Php native CMS is a free and open source code content management system built with PHP , No databased like mysql or sqlite ,this is just static php cms for build fast modern website using PHP. Download and get started now built your fast website with php native cms.


Native PHP

Just PHP Native for built your website.

PHP Native CMS is a pure PHP lang for develope your modern website.


Non Database

No need databased installation.

Easy installation just download and run on your cloud host.

        PHP Native CMS

The Legend is BACK !!

Php is a programming language that has been around for a long time, and although many new technologies have emerged, PHP is still there today for help developer built websites and applications.

PHP native cms following the schema concept from the modern website era to make it easier for developers and users to build fast sites with modern PHP technology .

Open source code present by axcora technology

Get Started

Get started now clone or download this PHP Native CMS from github repo

git clone

Or you can download master source code

Donwload Now