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This project is free and open source code website template specialy for bludit lovers, yes, we have develope this modern unique themes template just for you !! and you can download it for free !! Create your own Website or Blog in seconds Simple, Fast, Secure, Flat-File CMS , Bludit uses files in JSON format to store the content, you don't need to install or configure a database. Bludit incorporates all the SEO tools to improve your ranking in all the search engines and social networks.

About Us.

A source code project present by axcora technology you can visit profile on , and this template themes is develope by creativitas - if you need built your new project with modern website technoloogy with flatfile cms so you can hire us -

Product Services.

We can help you for build and develope blast fast website with modern technology using bludit flatfile cms, without database make your site touch green score on google lighthouse , and with many plugins from bludit make your site powerfull on SEO. we can develope website with multi technology like static site generator, flatfile cms, single page application , progresive web app , python django and more.

What We Do.

Our mision is help customer for develope and optimation website to be better , like injection auto SEO with plugins , help for submit sitemap + vertification on google web master , boost speed and touch green score on lighthouse and google page speed. all in one we can develope your site with multi technology include optimation !!

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With Love.

Of course we work with love, for help you for touch perfect score on google lighthouse and help you for optimation SEO with our website themes.


Grunge premium website template themes for bludit flatfile cms

Welcome to grunge freemium bludit template themes free download source code gratis for help you built modern and fast plus SEO website.

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