Heloo... world... for first thanks for download this point of sale source code, axcora spectre develope using php lang and spectre framework for blast and fast point of sale cashier transaction.


For first you need download this source code , we have upload on github free download here → or you can fork clone we repo on github →
After download this source code you need work with third party apps , for local server just download xampp → if you need clouds installation, well you just need to upload this source code on your cloud / shared host on public_html/folderwork .

Local install : download and install xampp then run the terminal apache and mysql server, then accsessing on your localhost/phpmyadmin on web browser , click on database create new db, name db with spectre. open source code file then move on your C:xampp/htdocs create new folder name it with axcoraspectreapp or other what you wan to name it your point of sale apps. back to your web browser localhost/phpmyadmin then click on spectre database and now click import select on source code folder on htdocs and open source code project , select spectre mysql db . click import on your php myadmin.

Clouds install : open your cpanel on cloud shared hosting, accsess on public_html folder and create new folder name it with your own for this free point of sale apps, upload source code file on your new folder, then back to cpanel home, select mysql database, create new database name it with your own, don't forget to setting your user privilege on mysql , back to cpanel home click phpmyadmin then click on your new database, and import this source code mysql database on your new database.

Configure connection : oke now we need to configuration mysql db connection with this apps, so you can accsess on assets/db.php file right click and open with text editor, and configure database connection with your user , password and db on phpmyadmin. and save it. don't forget to change connection on login.php file too.

Congratulations now this web apps is already for work.


This is a open source code , so no need wory you can change anycode with you needed, just open file source code and change what file you need to change this is a freedom point of sale applications.

Whats New

Hey you can use this apps on local mode using desktop version or you can use on clouds mode with multi devices accsess this apps, with clouds installation so you can work with this apps using smartphone android iphone and desktop laptop pc windows and other os.


After installation and configuration connection of mysql database success now you can use this web apps, just visit your website if you using clouds mode, or visit localhost/projectfolder if you using offline desktop mode work with local terminal machinem after visit url now you can see welcome page for axcora spectre apps, just input on your url /login.php now you can see login page, by default you can login with email : and password : 12345678 , you can change this email and password later.


Alright for work with this apps, you need to create database right, so lets get started click on header navbar menu and select group, then you can accsess group categories menu, click add new for create new categories for grouping all your product in here, example you can insert with thsirt , snack, food or other.

Item Products

Now after you have create grouping product, with easy you can accsess product item, just click on header dropdown menu and then select item product, you can create new product for register your new product in here, select categories for grouping product then input all details .

Cashier POS

After all databased have finish register now your bussiness is already for make cashier transaction , just click on menu then select pos point of sale , click on image cover group product, and select product for order, you can back again with click on menu then select POS menu , and click another categories group product for transaction, after finisih you can see on nav breadcumb viewbill or cancel menu right, you can click cancel if you wann to cancel order, or click view bill for create customer payment and transaction.

Print Out

After click on payment you can change and update qty product item or food drink menu's just change qty of product then you can click transaction for save payment , insert customer name, input discount and notes or contact with you needed, then click view bill, and automaticly you can see invoice / receipt , for print out you can click on print then axcora spectre web app using clouds print method, select print your installed and print with format you need ex letter or receipt .

Report Details

For chek all report , you can click on report and see all transasction in here , thats it you have finished use this web apps.

Log Out Apps

For shutdown and logoff the apps you can click on log out on menu, the apps will be redirect on login page area.

Happy Ending

And happy ending with use this web apps, free download and open source code you can modify and change any code with you needed.

Desktop POS

you can use desktop hardware device for work with this web apps, like pc dekstop cpu , all in one touchscreen , laptop netbook and tablet windows, or you can use we desktop pos all in one touchscreen set package download e-catalog here →

Printer POS

Axcora spectre pos web app is support with other printer, you can use office printer for letter format, or use 58mm / 80 mm thermal printer , and of course support with dotmatrix 76mm.

Cash Drawer

If you need to use with cash drawer so you can use cash drawer integration with receipt printer , just connect cash drawer with receipt printer and you can set the cash drawer automaticly open before or after print with you needed.

Android APK

yeah... of course you can convert axcora spectre web app on android apk, just use android studio and convert as web view, or you can use we services if you needed for all in one ready develope for your bussines with website + pos application + APK android.

Retail Shop Web Apps

Yes.. we have develope website application for supporting your shop store and outlet with retail web apps, integration with website and APK android also this web apps is recommended for help go to online mode, select we premium web apps here →

Restaurant Web Apps

Special for restaurant cafe and bar or food drink shop you can use we premium web apps , complete features with website + restaurant pos apps including android application this is a great solutions for your restaurant cafe bussines, select restaurant premium web apps here →